What do you do to balance your Soul?

What do you do to balance your Soul?

In life we put up with a lot, work, stress, emotions, pressure and so on. Finding little rituals to have a moment of calmness to yourself is very important. It helps to be present, freeing your mind and become clear of our own thoughts and emotions.

I always felt like I was born spiritual, always curious towards all kind if religions. Buddhism changed my life and also lead me to yoga, meditation and reiki. I find that all of these things help me stay grounded, manage traveling and staying true to myself. Most definitely though it helps me appreciate/understand the world and my emotions.

Create your own little comfort zone by taking out just a few minutes out of every day.

You can start with a simple meditation every morning and/or night. Start by focusing on your breath, how your chest moves when breathing in and out and then tell yourself: I love you and I am listening.

With doing this every day, taking time for yourself, you are starting to give yourself more love and comfort. This can help you gaining more patience, understanding and awareness in life. You can add more and more time to your meditations, so stand the duration and create more time for yourself.





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