Vegan Survival Kit

Vegan Survival Kit

I have weeks where I am constantly on the go, and sometimes airlines are not so educated especially on short trip flights when it comes to vegan food. Therefor it is very important to always be prepared and have a vegan survival kit with you. I posted a video a while ago on my youtube Channel what kind of snacks you wanna bring on a plane.

You never know when somethings isn’t gonna work out so its always good to prepared with a lot of vegan snacks, you can even bring a salad , any solid food is fine and any liquids under 100 ml as well.

One of my favorite to go to brands when it comes to plane snacks is MADE GOOD. couldn’t stop myself from eating half of the snack before taking the picture. They are healthy , chewy and very addictive.

Vegan Survival Kit

Anything like dry fruits and nuts is awesome cause we humans like to eat when bored, so when it comes to flying thats a great place to be hungry 🙂 Chewy snacks will keep you busy for a while and also have a lot of benefits for you health, rather than eating fast food at the airport.

Why bring snacks when you can also get some at the airport?

Well mainly all airports like to overprice their food and water, in my mind it is all about making money rather than safety. So why spend double off the amount on snacks when you can just get them at your local store next door?

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