Meet Jenna Anton a vegan Makeup Artist in the Fashion Industry

I would love to introduce the world to this wonderful soul called Jenna Anton. We worked together on a job in Los Angeles last year. The moment she said hi, I was amazed by her energy and love. And right after that, I fell in love with her clean make up kit. All clean beauty and nothing tested on animals. 

As you know I support 100% clean cruelty free make up. I would love to share why and what your aspiration behind it is. I know you are going to make big changes in the fashion industry because you’re leading by an example every day you work. 



How long have you been in this business and what was it that led you towards this career? 

I’ve been in the Industry for 24 years.  I made a decision after many years of working to survive, that I had to be great at something and that I was going to love work.  That took me on a journey of discovery, and makeup was the medium that tied it all together.


You know make up so well and understood what is good and bad for you and your skin. What should everyone know about makeup? 

To have the awareness that just because it’s legal and sold anywhere over the counter, doesn’t mean it’s not toxic or dangerous.  All conventional makeup always has and continues to be loaded with toxic chemicals that over time and usage can cause a series disease in the body.  This is a hard idea to wrap our heads around as we can’t imagine anyone or any business intentionally putting ingredients into products we put on or in our bodies that could potentially cause harm.  We are coming to learn that greed overshadows human Life, and it’s going to take awareness and using our voice and our dollars to create change. No need to wait to be personally impacted by getting sick or have a child before we take action. Prevention is way easier than backtracking to heal the damage.  

Good news is there is a solution! Due to individuals banning together demanding transparency, we are moving the needle in a new direction.  By you advocating for yourself and your loved ones, the industry will have no choice but to listen and adapt.  I invite you to do a little research on your favorite products.  Get curious! What are the ingredients?  How do these ingredients affect your organs and systems?  Do they list the ingredients, if not, why?  Would you put that product on a child?  Where are the ingredients sourced?  What country are they made in?  Is there child labor involved?  After gathering information, asking yourself…is the price I pay and Mother Earth pays, is it worth it?  


When we worked together, you only used vegan, clean , cruelty free products. What’s the motivation behind that? 

I reached a point in my personal journey and makeup career where I could no longer ignore the reality of the negative impact the makeup industry is having on our self-worth, our immunity, and our home, Mother Earth!  I had two choices.  I could either walk away and wash my hands of it, or I could take responsibility by changing my medium to clean cruelty-free products, allowing me the opportunity to use my voice and my knowledge to invite change…I chose the latter.


How do you wanna change this industry and why ? 

I want to change the industry one woman at a time, one purchase at a time, one conversation at a time…by empowering women to take back their unique and one of a kind Beauty!  By creating awareness and curiosity, inspiring a shift within themselves to make thoughtful choices.     I’d like to invite every woman to get curious about their current relationship with makeup.  What is the role of makeup and beauty products in your life?  Are you using it as a tool of self-expression and creativity, or are you using it as a mask to hide yourself from yourself and the world?  What is the underlying messaging your saying to yourself when you apply it?  When you take it off?  What price does your health pay when you choose products with toxins?  What price does the Earth pay?  Are there efficacious alternative options that are made with integrity and take responsibility for the full-circle cycle of the product?  


Do you agree with: You should be able to eat your skincare ? 

I sure do!  And that’s exactly what is happening.  You are feeding your largest organ every time you put anything on it.  It’s the largest organ of the body, allowing nutrients or toxins to be ingested and distributed directly to your bloodstream.  The hardest working organ, your Liver is the first line of defense once toxins enter.  For a duration of time, it’s able to combat the toxins, separating and sending them through and out the body.  The problem is over time the toxins get lodged in the cell tissues, wreaking havoc on your immunity and eventually causing damage that shows up in a myriad of different health issues. The liver also eventually is no longer able to support you any more as it’s tired and overworked.  

So just like we are aware and have a choice of the food we ingest in the body, and the knowing that it’s either flooding your body with nourishment or toxins, the same is true for what you choose to put on your skin.  The good news is, we always have a choice.


Who are some of your biggest Inspirations in clean make up? 

I came into the game years after the clean beauty movement started, which has allowed me to continue as a makeup artist at the high level, without sacrifice of efficacy and creativity.  Without these brands, and their commitment to integrity and transparency, I would have had no choice but to walk away, or create my own products, which at this time is not my focus.  I’m excited to highlight and share their creations with the world!  Some of my favorite makeup brands are:

Ilia Beauty

RMS Beauty

Aether Beauty


Hynt Beauty

Kjaer Weis

Ere Perez Cosmetics

The Organic Skin Co

Rituel De Fille

Olga’s Organics

Vapour Beauty

Bite beauty

Aunaturale Life


Anything else you wanna share that’s important to you, that the world should know ?  

We all have a purpose, many unique gifts, and a responsibility to share them while here having a human experience.  This message and wisdom has been bestowed onto me, and so am called to share with whoever needs to connect with it.  Thank you for sharing your time with me today and allowing whatever needs to resonate.  If you align with anything above, feel free to share and spread the word.  I look forward to supporting you wherever you are on your journey of Beauty


Jenna Anton's Make up on set
Jenna Anton’s Make up on set


My beautiful makeup done by Jenna Anton dec. 2019
My beautiful makeup done by Jenna Anton dec. 2019

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