How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

There are many reasons you might wake up with dark circles under your eyes: 

smoking, eating salty food, iron deficiency, drinking alcohol and taking certain medication can all lead to under eye bags.

I discovered under eye patches for myself years ago, I am a big fan and wanted to share them with you. Not only do they hydrate your skin, they also help with the puffiness of the under eye circles. I love wearing them during my morning routine and especially during long dehydrating flights. They help you look fresh getting off the plane and going straight to work. Some say it’s just a placebo effect, but I really think they make a difference. 

Unfortunately there is a downside to under eye patches. Most of the brands single wrap the patches in plastic, which isn’t recyclable. 

But don’t worry, amazing brands like Peter Thomas Roth or APRICOT beauty and healthcare come to the rescue. 

Peter Thomas Roth eye patches come in a small container which you store in the fridge. It comes with 30 pairs/60 patches, which are applied for 10 to 15 minutes. 

I recently discovered APRICOT beauty and healthcare. Their eye patches caught my attention because you get up to 30 treatments out of one pad, simply by cleaning them with water, air drying them and reusing the packaging it comes with to store it in the fridge. 

Have fun depuffing 🙂 

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